GR-98 model

Laboratory oven built with steel structure painted with scratch-resistant epoxy paints cooked at 180 C °. 

The thermal insulation consists of ceramic fiber and low-density refractory bricks. The heating part is made up of spiral-wound KANTHAL-type electric resistors. They are placed on all sides, including the roof and the sole. 

The characteristic of a gradient kiln is to have different zones of firing with different temperatures (thermal gradient), which follow the same firing cycle, on samples of the same type.

It consists of 6 independent heating cells.1

Le prerogative più importanti di questo modello sono:

  • temperature uniformity within each of the 6 cells of about ± 3°C
  • possibility to fix gradients of even 10 years C between cell and cell

  • management of the cooking cycle entrusted to a PC with Windows operating system (not supplied)
  • possibility to store and print the results obtained in the various cells during the thermal cycles
  • easy handling and programming of the PC
  • possibility to manage the oven even from a distance
  • possibility to make cycles with times of the maximum temperature of± 30 minuti

1. The construction of separate cells, instead of a single cell with multiple positions, requires tha fluence the specimens and distort the results.