GR-95/S model

Laboratory oven built with painted steel structure with anti-scratch epoxy paint cooked at 180 ºC. 

The thermal insulation consists of ceramic fiber and low-density refractory bricks. The heating part is composed of electrical resistances in wire type KANTHAL coiled. 

The characteristic of a gradient kiln is to have different firing zones with different temperatures (thermal gradient), which follow the same firing cycle, on samples of the same type.

Mod. 95/S consists of 6 independent heating cells.1

The most important features of this model are:

  • temperature uniformity within each of the 6 cells
  • possibility to fix gradients of even 15 years C between cell and cell
  • cooking cycle management entrusted to a PC with

Windows operating system (not included)

  • possibility to store and print the results obtained in the

various cells during thermal cycles

  • Easy PC manipulation and programming
  • possibility to manage the oven even from remote
  • possibility to perform cycles with time to reach the maximum temperature from a minimum of 50 minutes to a maximum of 180 minutes

1. The construction of separate cells, instead of a single cell with multiple placements, requires t oesn’t affect the samples distorting the results.