VFFP 2000

It is a forced ventilation trolley stove. The external carpentry is made of sheet steel, extensively insulated with variable density insulators to contain as much heat dispersion as possible. 

The painting is with two-color epoxy powder.  The work chamber is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with a floor equipped with rails. It is equipped with a single-leaf door with a stainless steel inner door. The exhaust chimney for the fumes is located on the roof of the stove. 


This series of stoves is built according to the latest safety regulations which require all electrical parts to be higher than 30 cm from the ground; in this model they are all placed on the side. The temperature control is entrusted to a K1PX type microprocessor programmer with which it is possible to set and memorize drying cycles consisting of a maximum of 8 STEPS or to set a working temperature that will remain until it is changed. Heating is obtained through the use of “batteries” of finned armored resistances. Ventilation is obtained by means of a three-phase asynchronous motor (0.44 Kw) coupled to a centrifugal fan (Ø 200mm and H.100mm).