Laboratory instrument built with steel structure painted with anti-scratch epoxy paints fired at 180 ° C.

Suitable for the rapid grinding of frits, glazes, dyes, etc … it is ideal for ceramic laboratories, glaze and color factories, cement factories, food industries, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, feed mills, research laboratories. It consists of a box that contains a soundproofed chamber, in which the jar containing the material to be ground is set in motion, a compartment containing the electrical system and the mechanical handling apparatus of the jar and a control panel that carries an electronic control unit. The necessary grinding time may vary according to the required particle size and the degree of hardness of the product. Therefore, this parameter is easily programmable through the on-board electronic control unit that manages the entire grinding cycle.1

The instrument is basically designed to grind with 1000cc jars, but with the appropriate accessory (optional) it can also grind with 300cc jars. The machine is built and supplied in modular modules (heads), mounted on a single frame. Each head is independent and this allows you to work with versatility and always in total safety because each is equipped with a microswitch that stops the movement of the jar whenever you intervene on the safety cover of the compartment that houses it.

1) for example, in the ceramic sector, times can vary from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 40 minutes