Laboratory kiln built with steel structure painted with scratch-resistant epoxy paints fired at 180 °C.

 The thermal insulation consists of ceramic fiber and low-density refractory bricks. The heating part is made up of spiral-wound KANTHAL-type electric resistors. The interior of the kiln consists of a single chamber in whose length 6 zones with distinct working temperatures are created. The oven is managed by connecting the electronic control unit located on it and a PC with a Windows operating system (not included) in which the dedicated software is installed. 

 Most important features:
• possibility of setting maximum gradients of 10 ° C between each cell
• management of the firing cycle entrusted to a PC with Windows operating system (not included) • possibility of storing and printing the results obtained in the various cells during the thermal cycles
• simplicity of PC manipulation and programming
• possibility to manage the oven even from remote
• possibility of carrying out cycles with times of reaching the maximum temperature in about 60 minutes