GR-CO2 model

 It is a laboratory kiln with 3 cooking zones to have 3 thermal gradients. 

 The function consists in programming the three firing temperatures, after which the tests can be started. It is particularly suitable for the metallurgical sector. It is built with a steel structure painted with scratch-resistant epoxy paints, cooked at 180 ° C. The thermal insulation consists of ceramic fiber and low-density refractory bricks. The heating part is made up of spiral-wound KANTHAL-type electric resistors. 


• programing the temperature for each zone 

• open the kiln’s door 

• place the sample to be tested on the special support attached to the door 

• close the door 

• wait for a predetermined time, then open the door, remove the sample from above the support and start a new test1. 

1 thanks to the high power available, it is possible to have a rapid recovery of the temperature to the set value, following the opening of the door to load a subsequent sample.