FLS series – 3000 kg

Tablet instrument, made of powder coated steel, with precision electronics for the determination of the breaking load (max load) on ceramic or similar samples. 

Semi-automatic, it is equipped with a stainless steel surface on which are positioned two oscillating supports (knives), mechanically moved and manually and individually adjustable, which receive the sample to be tested. The adjustment is made with the aid of millimeter reference indices. The knife placed in the upper part descends, pressing on the sample until it breaks. This descent takes place in automatic mode, as required by the regulations and the loading speed is electronically controlled. 

With this instrument it is possible to determine the flexural strength, the modulus of rupture, and the bending curve of the sample by operating according to the Standards:

UNI EN ISO 10545-4 | ASTM C 648 – 84 | DIN 51030 | EN 100 | EN12825