CCSL 2016

 Table instrument, with powder-coated steel structure, stainless steel worktop and precision electronics, for determining the breaking load (max load) on raw ceramic sample. 

Its natural application is to perform the quality control of sam the press or directly from the dryer. Semi-automatic, it is equipped with a stainless steel top on which are positioned two supports (knives), moved and adjusted manually and individually, which receive the sample to be tested. The adjustment is made using the appropriate series of holes positioned on the worktop. The knife placed in the upper part descends by pressing on the sapmle until it breaks. This descent takes place in automatic mode, by pneumatic actuation. The management of the test is assigned to an electronic control unit which will give ssed both in Newton/mm2 and in Kg/cm2 and the force exerted to break the tile both in Newton and in kilograms.