Series 213-K/214-K

 It is a series of intermittent operation kiln, built to make firing cycles with materials that do not produce toxic or explosive gases. 

 The bottom of the oven consists of a removable trolley on which the material to be fired is placed. Once completely filled, it is introduced into the oven, forming a single unit. The structure of the oven is in fire-painted steel with epoxy paints cooked at 180 ° C and AISI316 steel for the parts of higher wear, such as the door and the front of the kiln. The body is made of a double wall, which therefore allows for low external temperatures. The oven has a “balance wheel” type door, which allows it to be closed ideally for these types of construction. The thermal insulation consists of low-density refractory bricks in the first wall, and ceramic fiber suitable for temperatures of work indicated. Being equipped with an electronic temperature uniformity control, these ovens can also be used at much lower temperatures for cooking glass, copper or similar materials.