LTF9/12 (1250 °C)

This kiln is particularly suitable for determining the “loss on ignition” in the laboratory.
The weight loss is given by the difference between the initial total mass and the residue during and after cooking.

Alternatively, if necessary, it can become a traditional muffle, if the hole used by the scales support is excluded, by acting on a special damper.

It is built with a steel carpentry painted at 180°C with scratchproof epoxy paints.

The thermal insulation consists of low-density refractory bricks and ecological fibers (non-toxic) in the second wall.
The body is double-walled in AISI 316 stainless steel structural sheet.
An exhaust chimney is located on the rear wall of the kiln.
The silent heating is controlled by semiconductor relays.
The heating part consists of wire resistances in the shape of a spring and mounted on easily removable and protected ceramic tubes to prevent any splashes.

Cooling is natural.