FFQ series

Mobile Sole Laboratory Melting Furnace 

The thermal insulation consists of ceramic fiber panels with a high alumina content, suitable for the operating temperature of the oven. Heating is obtained with MOLYBDENUM DISILICIDE elements, which do not require protective atmospheres and do not give rise to aging processes; in this way there is the advantage of a simple and safe operation of the kiln and a long life of the elements with the possibility of replacing even one without thereby altering the behavior of the others. These are laboratory kilns with a mobile sole, that is, the lower part of the oven where the material to be fired is placed moves vertically and when the material to be fired has been placed, by means of an appropriate mechanism, it will come up and inserted into the lower part of the kiln until it forms a whole with the oven itself. In the same way, at the end of the cycle it will be lowered to remove the treated material.

These kilns are square-based products.

The use of this oven is intended to carry out tests with materials that do not give rise to toxic gases during the thermal phase and that are compatible with the maximum working temperature of the oven itself. In particular, the products to be fired must not consist of dangerous substances due to the emission of irritating or harmful substances to human health. The use of flammable or explosive substances must also be avoided. The oven is design in environments that do not present a risk of explosion.