ECONOMY series

Electric kilns used in the thermal processes of metallurgical,
chemical, dental and ceramic laboratories.
They are designed to obtain the best compromise between the heating
speed and the operating life of both the resistances and the thermal

• Built in a compact fire-painted with epoxy paints steel structure
• The thermal insulation in the first wall, depending on the model, is
made by combining preformed ceramic fiber panels or low-density
refractory bricks.
• The heating part is made up of resistors made with spring-shaped
Khantal type wire.
Depending on the models, the resistors can be arranged in such a way
different to ensure the best temperature uniformity inside the
• There is a chimney for the escape of any gases that may form during
the firing phases.
• Depending on the model, there is a manual shutter located in the
bottom of the oven .