It is a laboratory kiln built with a carpentry of fire-painted steel at 180 °C with scratch-resistant epoxy paints. 

 Thermal insulation is provided in ceramic fiber and low-density refractory bricks. For the CVK-N and CVK-N / S models the heating parts consist of Kanthal-type spiral-wound electric resistors. For the CVK-N / SCS model the heating parts are composed of silicon carbide electric resistors. In all models the resistive elements are placed on the bottom and on the roof of the chamber. With this oven, it is possible to simulate the entire cooking curve of a continuous industrial kiln (see graph). It is possible to program both heating and cooling, obtaining cycles with rise times, up to 1300 ° C., Of about 27 minutes and cooling times of about 25 minutes up to a temperature of about 300 °C. Cooling is “direct forced” type. On the upper part of the oven there is an automatic discharge chimney, which can be programmed for each single segment of the thermal cycle.